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CDP Advisory

Driven by our comprehensive business value framework, our digital strategists and data engineers will work with your teams to understand your objectives, challenges and impediments, data silos, customer engagement, experience and current state KPIs to establish your marketing foot print.

From product selection to solution design, deployment and beyond, our team will work with you to clearly identify and articulate Smart, Measurable, Achievable and Time boxed goals.

We will deliver a comprehensive road-map with short-term and long-term goals to achieve your desired objectives.

Customer Data Platform

To capture, correlate, and activate customer data across multiple channels, devices, and technologies. Generate a single view of the customer and allow for powerful data enablement across multiple teams, tools, skill sets, and features. Build centralized data to be used by all facets of an organization in real time. Digital Interakt team will:

  • Implement Customer Data Platform solution combining identity resolution, data enrichment capabilities and audience management

  • Build unified customer experience by gathering and acting on unified customer information.

  • Build a data driven customer engagement strategy

  • Provide consistent omnichannel experience to customers

  • Develop / Customize Customer Data Platform that puts marketing departments in direct control of the data unification

  • Solution focused primarily on marketing requirements. Capitalize on marketing opportunities through real-time messages

  • Capture, correlate, and activate customer data across multiple channels, devices, and technologies

  • Measure the ROI from Customer Data Platform though combination of monetary gains, efficiency gains and business objectives to attain

Omnichannel Engagement

Every marketing automation tool has the ability to communicate over multiple channels (Email, SMS, Push, Voice, etc). If all these channels work independently then a consistent, seamless and personalized experience across every channel is not achievable. When all the channels work with one another then the experience will evolve into Omnichannel customer experience. Digital Interakt team will:

  • Implement Omnichannel customer experience for a single, seamless interaction with consumers across all channels, both online and offline

  • Execute strategies and tool customization for complete engagement with customers on any channel

  • Develop automation to facilitate consistent service across channels

  • Unlock the full power of the marketing automation platforms to engineer unified view of the customer to facilitate consistent iteration across all channels

Managed Services

Make us your extended team and leave the CDP heavy lifting part to us, shift your focus to your customer engagement strategies while we put them into action.

  • Our CDP experts will work with your teams to build customer engagements and in line with your marketing goals. We will monitor the marketing performance of your campaigns, engagements and trends using reports and dashboards.

  • Using the power and capabilities of the CDP platform, we will ensure the key features are effectively used, data integration points are successfully monitored and the true sense of data driven marketing automation is achieved.

  • Digital Interakt’s managed services will ensure that your marketing operations are always on. Be it monitoring and managing the daily operational activities or the need for expert services to leverage the features of CDP, our specialists will be available to assist you in your needs and objectives.

Data Audit

Unlock the potential of your customer data, analyse and process it to bolster your revenues. Our CDP data consultants will evaluate, identify and model key data elements that will assist in building effective customer experiences and campaigns.

  • Customer data segmentation is a key aspect to drive up revenues. Establishing your current state of data, understanding data silos is a great way to start your CDP journey and build a strong foundation around data governance.

  • Digital Interakt CDP teams will review and analyse the current state data foot print and propose the future state architecture to enable data-driven customer experiences.

Campaign Services

Most marketers have realized that modern marketing is all about consistent and meaningful conversations with consumers across all digital channels.

  • Marketing campaigns have to deliver meaningful messages to maximize the interaction. Be it a simple email campaign to the more complex ones with dynamic content driven by personalization, every campaign has to be of top-quality delivering cross-channel orchestration.

  • At Digital Interakt, our campaign services team, engages with customers like you to design, create and deliver effective campaigns. Our experts will leverage your Customer Data Platform and Customer Engagement Platform capabilities to ensure your customer engagements are executed and delivered quickly to maximise business outcomes.

Marketing Analytics

We leverage data to deliver actionable insights to drive growth and revenue

  • Marketing analytics services help businesses collect, analyze, and interpret data to make informed decisions and optimize marketing campaigns.

  • These services include data collection and management, data analysis and modeling, marketing attribution, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics.

  • Marketing analytics services can also provide insights on customer behavior, campaign performance, and ROI, helping businesses make data-driven decisions and improve their marketing strategies.

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